Nomad Fire Cooking
This year we are cooperating with James who writes:
“Chef/owner James Hughes of Nomad Fire Cooking.  Having been born and raised in Norfolk and worked at many of its well-known establishments I’ve always been passionate about the area and its local produce.  Being intrigued from a young age about the theatre and food of open fire cooking but never having anywhere to go to enjoy it I took it upon myself to provide a service that myself and everyone else can enjoy.  Some ideas of what to expect are Lamb Asado BBQ, Stoned Baked Pizzas, Jerk Chicken, Dessert Pizza and freshly baked desserts."
James will be cooking for us on Sundays from 30th May (no booking required) and some Friday evenings and events.


This menu can change due to availability and seasonality. 

All menu items can be changed to the best of our ability to suit the needs of vegetarian/vegans and people with food allergy’s or intolerances.